Surrey Research Park on Twitter

Surrey Research Park has joined the Twitterverse and intends to use this short messaging service (or microblogging tool as it is commonly known) to support the park community in a variety of ways, some of which will unfold over time. Of course this Extranet will cover the majority of activity but Twitter will play a very important supplementary role. This is just a short explanatory notice, a way of getting feedback and the place to answer questions if there are any.

New Users - Go to the Home page and on the left hand side partway down you will see latest posts from the SurreyRP Twitter account - you can track messages this way

Advanced Users - If you already have a Twitter account you can just follow us there (we'll follow you back :) and we can also go on to have conversations there - find us at

To help you think about and understand the intended and possible uses of Twitter we've borrowed from one of the leading thinkers in the field with some of his thoughts:

  1. Twitter helps one organize great, instant meetups (tweetups) - coffee at Caper & Berry anyone?
  2. Twitter works great as an opinion poll.
  3. Twitter can help direct people’s attention to good things - we'll be using it to alert you to new posts on the Extranet.
  4. Twitter at events helps people build an instant “backchannel” - discussion via Twitter amongst the audience, fed to the presenter
  5. Twitter can be used to break news faster - look out for messages concerning traffic, weather, etc.
  6. Twitter brings great minds together to share knowledge and information - if you are reading a good article, share it!
  7. Twitter helps with business development - if your prospects are online, engage with them.
  8. Twitter can augment customer service - we'll use it to answer simple questions and point out useful information

If you have any queries or need any help, please add a comment below!